Intercultural Relations – Forging ties between Japan and Russia

Forging cultural links between national academic institutions, governments and the wider community is key to enhancing relationships between nations. We are widely engaged in popularizing Japanese culture in Russia and vice versa.

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Aiding Children

We believe that everybody has a right to medical care, fair treatment and equal opportunities. Our giving program aims to help those who are unfairly disadvantaged or vulnerable to life’s circumstances.

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Education – supporting MGIMO

It is our firm belief that by facilitating access to education we can help to build a better society. We support scholarship and trainee schemes, the fostering of inter-university cooperation through internships, and academic research.

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Welcome to our website

The International Chodiev Foundation is a non-governmental charitable organization founded in 1996 by international businessman and philanthropist Dr Patokh Chodiev to promote academic excellence, creativity and innovation in Eurasia.

Today, the Foundation’s work comprises a broad range of programs focused on international relations, education, publishing, philanthropy and the arts and is based on the following three central pillars:

ICF Projects

Aiding Children

We believe that all people have the right to opportunity, equality and health. Our giving programs aim to help those who are unfairly disadvantaged or vulnerable.


It is our firm belief that by alleviating challenges and barriers to education we not only empower students, but also help build a better society.

Culture - Building bridges between Japan and Russia

Building bridges between Japan and Russia is one of our core initiatives and is built on Dr Chodiev’s longstanding love of Japan and admiration of its culture.

Our Founder – Patokh Chodiev

Businessman, Philanthropist, Founder of the International Chodiev Foundation

“We are ready to grant aid to anyone who pursues knowledge, and we believe that a good education can completely change lives. By helping young people to fulfil their potential, we make a contribution to building a peaceful society free of poverty and violence.”

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