The House with an Angel, Odessa, Ukraine

One of our long-term projects is the rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy named after Boris Litvak in Odessa (Ukraine), known as “The House with an Angel”.

This rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy is the only health facility where children from all around the former USSR can get treatment, accommodation with their parents, and even food, absolutely free of charge.

The center carries out continuous scientific research. Its state-of-the-art methods are adopted by child health facilities all around the world. The center has a theatre, a dolphinarium and horse stable, where patients can interact with animals. The facility also offers computer-assisted training, and art- and vojta (reflex locomotion) therapy.

The Center has treated children from many countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel and Germany. Since it was established in 1997, the House with an Angel has treated more than 25,000 children.*

*As at September 2016.