We organise study placements for students and academic staff of the International Law School in the UK, Spain, Japan, France, and other countries. Thus, students can obtain a qualification which combines fundamental education and practical skills, thereby increasing their value in the labor market.

The Foundation sponsors student and teaching staff participation in international contests and conferences, supports scientific activities at the University, including student conferences, round tables, workshops, and so on. We have held numerous academic and research conferences around the world.

As of September 2016, the Foundation has organised study placements abroad for 68 MGIMO students.

Gennady Tolstopyatenko, Dean of the International Law School, MGIMO, said:

“Guided by the University’s teaching staff, our student team has more than once successfully participated in the biggest international law competitions, beating champions from the U.S., France, China, Germany and others in all formats – written and oral.

“We are grateful to the International Chodiev Foundation for the opportunity to participate in these contests, they are very important for future lawyers. We appreciate the financial support our students receive from Dr Chodiev. Among other things, this aid also has a major educational effect. The whole School knows the grant holders’ names, and the kids can see how excellent academic performance, dedication and hard work are rewarded. Such students have a good life and will in the future get a great job.”