About ICF

Since 1996 the International Chodiev Foundation has worked tirelessly to transform the lives of young people around the world. We have managed more than 1 000 projects, spanning more than five countries worldwide.

Our initial objective back in 1996 was to provide grants and scholarship programmes to students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Since then we’ve evolved into a global philanthropic centre for academic research, the arts and child-related causes.

We’re driven by a passion to deliver life-changing assistance to both young people and adults alike. It’s about helping them realize their potential and thrive as happy, successful individuals. All this is underpinned by an ultimate objective of building a more peaceful society, free from poverty and suffering.

Activities of the Foundation today comprise:

  • Scholarship and trainee schemes
  • An extensive publishing programme focused on scientific research
  • Support for the arts
  • The development of international relations
  • The creation of child-focused humanitarian projects, including support for schools, orphanages and medical centres.

The Foundation’s work is based on three tenet pillars:

Helping children

Everyone has a right to medical care, fair treatment and equal opportunities. Our charity programme aims to help those who by force of circumstances have found themselves in unfavorable and vulnerable situations.

The Foundation supports many children’s health charities, rehabilitation centers, orphanages and foster homes.

Inter-cultural relations – forging ties between cultures

Our inter-cultural work is designed to forge positive relationships, build mutual respect and enrich one another through shared cultural experiences. We work to build cultural links between national academic institutions, governments and the wider community, and between Russia and Japan, reflecting and building upon our founder’s deeply-held passion for Japan’s culture and language.

As a result, the Foundation is today widely engaged in popularizing Japanese culture in Russia and vice versa. We also support collaboration on research and provide educational placements for top MGIMO students in Japanese universities.

Education – supporting MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) and MGIMO-Tashkent

It is our firm belief that by facilitating access to education we can help build a better society. Guided by this principle, the Foundation provides assistance to MGIMO in Russia and MGIMO’s branch in Tashkent with a view to unlocking the talent and intellectual potential of future generations.

The key programmes supported by the Foundation include scholarship and trainee schemes, the fostering of inter-university co-operation through internships, and academic research.