Transforming lives through educational, charitable and cultural projects in Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine and Japan. Preserving heritage, investing in future generations.

About ICF

The International Chodiev Foundation is a non-governmental charitable organisation founded in 1996 by international businessman and philanthropist Dr Patokh Chodiev to promote academic excellence, creativity and innovation, as well as provide charitable support to the vulnerable across Eurasia.

Today, the Foundation’s work comprises a broad range of programmes across a number of regions and can be outlined into the following three tenet pillars:

  • Educational projects
  • Social support
  • Culture and art
Our geography

We currently operate in five countries. Please hover over the map to find out more about our work in each region.

Our Founder
Dr Patokh Chodiev

“We are ready to grant aid to anyone who pursues knowledge, and we believe that a good education can completely change lives. By helping young people to fulfil their potential, we make a contribution to building a peaceful society, free of poverty and violence.”

Dr Patokh Chodiev is Uzbek entrepreneur and one of the leading businessmen in Central Asia.

He is a philanthropist, public figure, author of scientific works, and Japanese scholar.

For the last 20 years, Dr Chodiev has been working hard to provide young people with access to education, to foster international relations, to promote cultural and art projects, and to give support to the most vulnerable.




Contact us


Ms Olga Monakhova

Head of Representative Office, ICF Russia

Ms Umida Khussainova

Project Coordinator, ICF Uzbekistan