General Questions

  • What is the scope of the International Chodiev Foundation's work?

    The activity of the International Chodiev Foundation is focused on three main areas:

    • Support for educational projects, namely, the collaboration with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). More information is available here.

    • Support for social projects, assistance to special-needs children, medical institutions and low-income families. More information is available here.

    • Support for arts and projects in the field of preservation of cultural heritage, in particular: the strengthening of Russian-Japanese relations; organization of J-Fest, an annual festival of Japanese culture in Russia; the preservation of the unique collection of kimonos by Itchiku Kubota and support of Itchiku Kubota Museum in Japan. More information is available here.

  • In which countries does the International Chodiev Foundation operate?

Other Questions

  • Is there support for educational projects other than MGIMO University?

  • How are the projects selected?

  • Can I send an application to the International Chodiev Foundation to support a project?

  • Where are the ICF’s offices located?

  • How can I send a media enquiry to the ICF?