June 10, 2021

ICF and MGIMO-Tashkent sign a long-term memorandum of cooperation

The International Chodiev Foundation (ICF) and the MGIMO branch in Tashkent signed a memorandum of cooperation until 2025.

As part of the memorandum, the Foundation has already allocated funds for the purchase of technical equipment and transport. Also, from the summer of 2021, funding for undergraduate studies at MGIMO-Tashkent begins – grants will be provided to students.

Applicants for grants from the International Chodiev Foundation can be applicants from Uzbekistan with a certificate of completion of secondary education excellent and good, winners of scientific, creative and sports competitions at the national or international level, applicants with an active civic and public position. Also, the list of applicants includes young people with disabilities or left without parental care until the age of majority. Grants are awarded by the MGIMO-Tashkent Admissions Committee to applicants who have successfully passed the university entrance exams, on the basis of additionally submitted documents and interviews.

“Supporting young people and their striving for knowledge, helping to develop and realize the potential of a new generation have always been and remain the most important mission of our Foundation. I am very grateful to MGIMO, my home university, for the knowledge gained, which played such a big role in my development. I am incredibly glad that my compatriots can receive the same knowledge,” said Fattah Chodiev, founder of the International Chodiev Foundation (ICF).

The International Chodiev Foundation (ICF) has been supporting MGIMO since its inception in 1996. Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has financed a scholarship program for excellent students, pays for foreign internships for students and teachers, sponsors scientific events, conferences, and competitions. An important area of the Foundation’s activities is to support the publishing activities of the university – issuing grants for writing and publishing educational materials and scientific articles, purchasing printing equipment, sponsoring information and training online resources of MGIMO.

Fattah Shodiev is a 1976 MGIMO graduate, a member of the MGIMO Board of Trustees and one of the three founders of the MGIMO Endowment Fund, the oldest and largest fund for targeted development in Russia.

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