April 12, 2019

Mining tycoon Patokh Chodiyev to donate 40 billion soum to Syrdarya region

On April 9, 2019, a delegation led by a Kazakh entrepreneur of Uzbek origin Patokh Chodiyev, arrived in the Syrdarya region. The delegation was met by the regional administration’s head Gafurjon Mirzayev, the press service of the regional administration reports.

It was noted that Patokh Chodiyev intends to allocate 40 billion soum to improve the living standards of the people, construction and improvement of public services from the “International Chodiev Foundation” funds.

Yesterday, nearly 30 billion soum of the planned 40 billion were received in a special bank account opened in the Syrdarya region.

Reportedly, these funds will be directed to activities carried out within the framework of the Obod qishloq (“Prosperous village”) project – developing remote villages in the region, engineering and communication networks, repair of social facilities, roads and water supply systems.

Part of the funds, at the initiative of the president, will be directed to the construction of the Xovos city complex being built in the Khovos district.

It should be reminded that Patokh Chodiyev began his career in the Syrdarya region, the report reads.


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