May 07, 2020

Syrdarya receives another batch of humanitarian aid

The Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan and the Yuksalish National Movement delivered another humanitarian aid to flood victims in Syrdarya region as part of the charity event Salom, Sardoba, Biz Birgamiz! (“Hello, Sardoba, we are together!”).

Representatives of local government bodies and the public studied the needs of the victims. The indifferent citizens who extended a helping hand to the Syrdarya residents, on 3-5 May, handed over essential goods and foodstuffs to the reception center.

In particular, Albina Karimova, Otabek Sheraliev, Islomaziz Begmatov, Alexei Tsoi and over a hundred citizens brought new sets of outerwear for children and adults, towels, dishes, hygiene products and even children’s toys.

Umida Khusainova, who is active in social networks and regularly participates in charity events, joined the action and delivered items worth over 50 million soums.

The entrepreneur, who asked not to be named, brought 1,000 children’s t-shirts.

Organizations were not left behind from the process. For example, representatives of BEVERLee Business LLC brought items and products designed for more than 1,750 people.

The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan handed in a total of 5,400 mattresses, pillows, bedding, blankets, rubber boots and hygiene products to the collection point.

The Uzbek-Turkish Association of Entrepreneurs (UTID), the International Chodiev Foundation provided 1,500 sets of humanitarian aid, 260 packs of knitwear, 50 bags of stationery for students.

After passing the sanitary inspection, the cargo was placed in 10 cars and, accompanied by internal affairs bodies, delivered to the Syr Darya region, in particular to the city of Gulistan and Akaltyn district.

The first group of goods was handed over to the Syrdarya residents located in the building of the College of Law (400 citizens) and the specialized art school in the city of Gulistan (300 citizens).

The second group went to Akaltyn district (150 citizens), transferred assistance in the form of food, clothing and hygiene products to the Syrdarya victims of the emergency.

People who suffered from a man-made disaster are immensely grateful to all those who care, who, in this difficult period, extended a helping hand and stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Such support and assistance is very important to them.

It is worth noting that 104 182 765 soums of funds were received from those wishing to make a financial contribution to the charity event. Including a settlement account (20212000100981895003) from organizations and enterprises received 67 622 524 soums to a specially opened Yuxalish National Movement. More than 36 million soums were received from citizens through Payme and Click payment systems.

These funds will be used to purchase goods and products necessary to improve the living conditions of those affected by the emergency, with mandatory consultation with them.

The organizers of the action thank all the volunteers, generous and helpful people who actively participate in the action.

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