August 06, 2019

Strong connoisseurs of the club What? Where? When?” to visit Tashkent

On August 10-11, Tashkent will host the Third Eurasian Cup in Intellectual Games, organized by the International Chodiev Foundation. These days, tournaments will be held in the sports version of the famous game What? Where? When?”, the Own Game” individual tournament and Hamsa” team quiz, which is gaining popularity.

Such an event will be held in Uzbekistan for the first time. Its main goal is to popularize intellectual games. Intellectuals will share knowledge and experience in the game with Uzbek connoisseurs and talk about the benefits of such games for each person.

Young fans of smart” games will also take part in the tournament directly, will be able to meet professional experts and take part in master classes. In the tournament, along with Uzbekistan, teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Germany, Latvia and others are planned to attend the event. In total, about 25 strongest teams will compete for the championship this year. During the tournament, the best of the best will be determined who will be awarded the honorary title to defend the honor of their country at the World Intellectual Games Championship in Baku.

Sports version of the game What? Where? When?” is slightly different from the television version: several teams play in it at the same time, and the answers are given in writing. Within the framework of the tournament, experts will be asked 72 questions and the winner will become the team that will give the greatest number of correct answers.

The organizer of the tournament is the International Chodiev Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1996 by Patokh Chodiev, a native of Uzbekistan. Activities of the Foundation are designed to contribute to the happy childhood of youth, to diversify their lives, as well as help the younger generation to fully realize their potential.

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