‘Children of Russia’ Photo Award – winners announced

June 08, 2021

‘Children of Russia’ Photo Award – winners announced

Three winners of the ‘Children of Russia’ Photo Competition were selected by the jury, Organizational Committee and online voting. The first prize winner selected by the jury is a work titled ‘A Walk with Friends’ by Nechei Sarotetto. Voters online awarded the second prize to a photo titled ‘Misha kazachok’ by Nina Skarnitskaya. The Organisational Committee’s award for the most authentic national dress has gone to Maria Antonova and her work ‘In the Yard’. Submissions came from all over Russia (246 works in total).

‘Children of Russia’ Photo Award aims to demonstrate the continuity of generations, and the beauty and cultural diversity of the peoples of Russia through traditional costume and photography. The goal is also to raise interest in the revival of folk culture in families.

Having supported children and youth, as well as the development of intercultural and international exchanges, since its establishment in 1996, we share the aspirations and values of ‘Children of Russia’ and ‘SMIrotvorets’ interethnic journalism competition, that is also organised by the same Committee.  

Our sincere congratulations and wishes of further artistic achievements to the winners!

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