Dr Patokh Chodiev awarded the Order of Friendship at the Kremlin today

September 24, 2020

Dr Patokh Chodiev awarded the Order of Friendship at the Kremlin today

We are pleased to announce that Dr Patokh Chodiev, Founder of the International Chodiev Foundation, was awarded the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation, in recognition of many years of his work at promoting education, intercultural relations and arts. A decree about this award was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin last December. The award ceremony has taken place today at the Kremlin.

While expressing his gratitude, Dr Chodiev outlined, ‘Supporting culture, art and science are our quintessential activities, and key priorities of the International Chodiev Foundation. We aim to make it available to as many people as possible. I am deeply honoured to see that our work is recognised by such a high award. Undoubtedly, this is an indication that our Foundation is moving in the right direction’.

Dr Chodiev has been a Patron of numerous large scale cultural projects for many years. Dr Chodiev and ICF have supported J-Fest, a festival of contemporary Japanese culture in Russia, for over 10 years. In 2018 we supported a Russian tour of Shochiku Grand Kabuki, one of the most famous troupes of the unique Japanese Kabuki theatre. Since 2015, ICF has sponsored festivals of Russian culture in Japan, which brought the Russia’s best opera and ballet talents to the Japanese audience. The Foundation supported the Year of Russo-Japanese intercultural exchanges in 2019.

The Order of Friendship was established in 1994 to recognise the hard work and efforts of the Russian and foreign nationals in the development of the Russian Federation and its people.

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