ICF has increased its scholarship at MGIMO Russia by 50%

March 24, 2022

ICF has increased its scholarship at MGIMO Russia by 50%

As of March 2022, the International Chodiev Foundation (ICF)  is increasing the scholarship payout to its MGIMO recipients.  

‘In these difficult times we have decided to support our scholarship recipients at both undergraduate and graduate levels by increasing the scholarship payout by 50%’ says Dr Patokh Chodiev, ICF Founder – ‘Despite the circumstances, we would like these talented young people to continue devoting all their energy and attention to their studies, in recognition of their highest achievements to date’. 

Since 1996 the International Chodiev Foundation has been awarding monthly scholarships to MGIMO students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Over the years, about 200 students have received scholarships from the Foundation.

ICF scholarship programme motivates students to set themselves and achieve higher goals, and contributes to meeting the growing need for high-class specialists both in Russia and internationally.

Academic scholarships are not the only charitable programmes implemented by the Foundation within the framework of Memorandum of Cooperation signed between MGIMO and ICF Russia. The agreement between the two organisations implies broad philanthropic cooperation, with a range of programmes aimed at further development of MGIMO, creation of new learning formats, and development of new opportunities for young talented people.

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