ICF launches new programme to support labour migrants amid COVID-19 pandemic

July 02, 2020

ICF launches new programme to support labour migrants amid COVID-19 pandemic

International Chodiev Foundation continues its extensive citizen support programme amid COVID-19 pandemic. We are happy to announce the new stage of our support programme, which involves medical assistance to labour migrants from Uzbekistan residing in Russia (Moscow city and Moscow region). This programme is realised jointly with the Representative Office of the Agency of External Labour of the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of Uzbekistan.

What does the programme involve?

Labour migrants who have been in contact or share accommodation with COVID-19 infected people, or those showing symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, are provided with free coronavirus antibody testing. The test detects active or past infection. Those migrants, who test negative for COVID-19 or show antibodies for past infection, receive an official certificate, which will enable them to resume work. Migrants, who test negative for COVID-19 but need to be treated for acute respiratory viral infections, can obtain access to private medical support and medicine.

Migrants, who test positive for COVID-19, are quarantined and follow further treatment protocol in accordance with the Russian state health rules. Their condition will be monitored, they will also be given access to legal support.

How is the programme implemented?

ICF finances the provision of medical support and purchasing of test kits and medicine. The Representative Office of the Agency for External Labour determines those people who are eligible for testing and arranges for medical teams to visit hostels and dormitories where labour migrants reside (groups of 15-20 people).

Testing requests are accepted via a dedicated telephone line +7 925 957 56 46.

What are the aims of the programme? 

As outlined by Mr Saidnumon Mansurov, Head of the Representative Office of the Agency for External Migration, ‘Our priority is to support migrants who need testing and medical treatment. This initiative will help to prevent further viral spread among migrants from Uzbekistan, as well as avoid the cases of severe illness and death from coronavirus. Medical certificates will greatly help those who are willing to resume work as soon as possible’.

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