ICF-supported Festival of Russian Culture taking place in Japan

June 25, 2021

ICF-supported Festival of Russian Culture taking place in Japan

Every year Japan welcomes the ICF-supported Festival of Russian Culture, which includes performances of Russia’s leading artists (ballet, music, drama theatre, circus), as well a wide array of exhibitions and film screenings. This annual event has been attended by more than 15 million visitors since 2006 and provides a wonderful opportunity for people from across Japan to enjoy and become acquainted with the richness of the Russian cultural heritage.

Photo exhibition titled ’30 years of new Russia: 1991-2021′ is one of the events that took place in central Tokyo this month as part of the Festival. Exhibition organisers were able to provide a comprehensive view of Russia of the 21 century, covering a range of subjects from the space programme and the 60th anniversary of Gagarin’s journey to outer space to the latest trends in arts and culture. The opening of the exhibition was attended by members of the Russo-Japanese societies and organisations, as well as by a famous Japanese actress and Deputy Chair of the Festival Komaki Kurihara.

In recognition of many years of his work in the development and strengthening of Russo-Japanese relations, ICF Founder Dr Patokh Chodiev has been awarded the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation and the Order of the Rising Sun of Japan.

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