ICF supports PROTEATR inclusive theatre festival

February 17, 2020

ICF supports PROTEATR inclusive theatre festival

The inclusive theatre movement aims to popularize creativity and theatrical productions created by children and adults with disabilities. One of the drivers of this movement is the Russian festival of inclusive performances “Proteatr” that brings together creative groups from around the world. The troupes are represented by artists with almost all types of disabilities. At the moment, within the framework of the festival, an extensive programme of master classes for specialist theatres is taking place in Moscow, in addition to varied performances.⠀ 

To read more about inclusive theatre movement and see programme of the festival, please visit official “Proteatr” website.  

The International Chodiev Foundation is pleased to support the “Proteatr” festival. We believe that people with disabilities make an equal contribution to art, and this contribution should be recognized and encouraged. We hope that social integration will become a priority in all regions of the world.⠀ 

Photo credit: Proteatr

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