ICF supports ‘SMIrotvorets’ journalism competition

September 09, 2020

ICF supports ‘SMIrotvorets’ journalism competition

This year marks 12 years anniversary of the Russian journalism competition ‘SMIrotvorets’. The competition distinguishes the best coverage of the interethnic and ethnoreligious relations and aims at journalists of local, regional and federal publications. There are seven nominations, with ICF supporting special ‘Children and Youth-Focused Media’ nomination. Having supported children and youth, as well as the development of intercultural and international exchanges, since its establishment in 1996, ICF shares the aims and values of ‘SMIrotvorets’ and welcomes this new partnership.

‘All the information and knowledge, observed by a small child, remain with him throughout his life. Hence, it is important to develop the right values of tolerance, equality and respect for all cultures and ethnicities since the early age. Working in media aimed at children and youth requires particular consideration, attention, passion and sincerity, because the audience is particularly sensitive. We recognise that this is hard and meticulous work. We are very pleased to support this unique project and the special nomination for journalists writing for children and young people’, – outlined ICF founder Dr Patokh Chodiev.

The competition is organised by the Guild of Interethnic Journalism and the Federal Agency for Ethnical Matters, with support from the President’s Interethnic Council and the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. Entries are currently being accepted; the winners will be announced in November. For more detailed information about the competition, please visit concours.nazaccent.ru.

Photo credit: Guild of Interethnic Journalism

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