MGIMO-Tashkent students have their ICF scholarships confirmed

February 13, 2023

MGIMO-Tashkent students have their ICF scholarships confirmed

The International Chodiev Foundation team and MGIMO-Tashkent completed the process of validation of the Foundation-funded scholarships last week. This process includes a review of students’ academic performance, their extra-curricular activities, student engagement, overall professional development and achievements.

We are happy to report that all students have not only successfully confirmed their grants and scholarships, but also demonstrated remarkable achievements and active attitude towards their studies, self-development and life in general. 

Here are just a few examples of what the ICF scholars have been busy with in addition to their academic workload:

– Participating in and organising research conferences, presenting their articles 

– Coordinating language clubs and organising events aimed at improving the knowledge of various languages 

– Participating in the Parliamentary Model, Model UN and Trial Models 

– Visiting the Parliament of Uzbekistan 

– Participation in legal, economic, IT and many other student clubs, volunteering 

– Organising the campus territory and planting trees 

– Representing the university and even serving as judges at sports competitions

Some of the students have already started proving themselves in a working environment – they have taken part in a startup incubation programme, set up their own food delivery service, and tried themselves as interns in various fields. We are extremely proud of these achievements and wish all ICF scholarship recipients further achievements!

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