May 09, 2019

ICF presents its work at the Donors Forum in Moscow

Today, the International Chodiev Foundation (ICF) took part in the benchmarking session “Supporting Culture and Art” of the Donors Forum project “Repository of best practices and cases in the field of institutional charitable and voluntary activities”, which was held in Moscow.

This benchmarking session was attended by the most well known charitable foundations, not only from Russia (Usmanov, Potanin, Prokhorov, Mordashev Foundations, among others), but also from the UK (The Rothschild Foundation).

Olga Monakhova, Director of the ICF’s Representative Offices in Russia, spoke about the Fund’s work in the area of strengthening Russian-Japanese cultural relations, in particular within the framework of the Russia-Japan cultural year. The ICF’s work involved the organisation of the Kabuki Theatre tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Russian Festival Culture in Japan, as well as J-FEST, the festival of the Japanese culture in Moscow.  Ms Monakhova also spoke about the creation of two documentaries about Japan: “Japan has many faces” and “On the road to trust: the Russians in Japan”, which premiered in the last two years.  Another significant project was the rescue of the collection of kimono by Itchiku Kubota and the artist’s museum.

The participants of the session highly appreciated the activities of the Fund. ICF was invited to become a permanent member of the Donors Forum.


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