July 03, 2018

Kubota Kimono Exhibition goes to next venue in its North-American tour: Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute

Following the incredibly successful exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, the Kubota collection has travelled to its next destination – Upstate New York. The opening took place on 9th June at the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute in Utica, NY, with an exclusive preview for the Institute’s members and patrons. It featured a Japanese themed reception, a lecture about Kubota, a guided tour by the exhibition curator Dr. Jacqueline Atkins and a performance by Japanese Taiko drummers.

Over 350 people travelled to Utica from all across Upstate New York and nearby states, Vermont and Massachusetts, to witness such a rare and important event. The public showed an exceptional interest in Kubota art during the lecture and guided tour, appreciating the grandeur of the artist’s vision. Many members of the audience expressed their gratitude to the International Chodiev Foundation for efforts in preserving the unique art and bringing it to the North American state for the first time.

“I am delighted that the Kubota exhibition had such a warm reception among the Canadian and American audiences. I know that many people remember the exhibition when it travelled to US and Canada over 20 years ago and I am very happy that the admirers of Kubota art had the opportunity to see his creations once again”, – said Patokh Chodiev.

The Institute made a great effort to create a unique atmosphere for this show, constructing a Japanese gate for the entrance to the exhibition, an imitation of a Koi pond and educational hands-on workshops about the kimono creation process. The exhibition is open until September 2018.


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